Jay-Z “Get Your Mind Right Mami”

Ears get iced, gear get spiced/ From hoodrat to superstar, there’s your life/ Fuck with Hova, he can take you out of your hell/ Say bye to Reebok, say hi to Chanel 

In this song, Jay-Z is telling a prospective love interest to “get her mind right” and understand why being with him would be the best decision of her life.  To be with Jay-Z means to acquire the best of the best: Diamond earrings, fancy clothes, and designer shoes.  Without Jay-Z, the woman will continue to live a mediocre life as a “hoodrat”, wearing footwear by Reebok which (according to Jay-Z) is synonymous to average.  However, with Jay-Z, the woman will be a superstar, escape hell, and wear luxury brands like Chanel.  I assume most women would love to be swept off their feet (no pun intended) and have someone to provide them the best.  From Jay-Z’s perspective, the best will include Chanel.  

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