Ice Cube “I Ain’t The 1″

And after the date, I’ma want to do the wild thing/ You want lobster huh? I’m thinking Burger King/ And when I take you, you get frustrated/ You can’t juice Ice Cube and you hate it

Ice Cube, always hilarious and vulgar, makes it clear that he is not the one.  He is not the one to be taken advantage of by a gold-digging female.  Hell, if we are talking about Ice Cube at the time of this recording (1987, when he was with the controversial N.W.A.), he is probably making it clear that he is not the one for any female.  In these lyrics, he explains his awareness of a female trying to juice (or take advantage of) Ice Cube’s wealth.  Cube is clearly after one goal, and that is for the woman to do wild things and provide sexual relations.  There is absolutely no lobster involved.  Luckily for the hungry woman, he can provide Burger King.  Always the cheaper alternative for anybody, Burger King can satiate the woman and hopefully be enough for her.  Or, if Ice Cube is correct, it will only make her more angry and frustrated.  But by purchasing Burger King, Cube ironically makes it clear that she can’t “have it her way.”

Word of advice ladies… if you go on a date with Ice Cube, DO NOT try to juice him. 

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