Kanye West “All Falls Down”

Man I promise, I’m so self conscious/ That’s why you always see me with at least one of my watches/ Rollies and Pashas done drove me crazy/ I can’t even pronounce nothing, pass that ver-say-see

Lyrics from “All Falls Down” by Kanye can have multiple posts in my blog.  The song references plenty of brand names, which all play a heavy role in the song’s message about materialism.  Focusing on the Versace brand, Kanye is admitting that he is infected by consumerism and purchasing the best products he can.  He is so focused on brand names that he even purchases them whether he can pronounce them or not.  The song shows just how much power a brand name can have on a person.  Pronouncing Versace wrong, he is admitting that there is a deeper meaning behind the consumption that results to him being self-conscious.  If marketed correctly, a brand (such as Versace) can become a staple and necessity for a buyer.  Even if you don’t know why you want it, or even how to say it, you will get the product because you know it will increase your self worth.  It will also go well with the watches and sneakers.  

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