Drake “Poppin Bottles”

The tag team back bitch, boom shakalaka/ Me and Weezy run this shit so bring me one soda and vodka/ And a Fiji for my nigga ‘cause the police probably watching/ Man, probation is a bitch but going back is not an option

Drake is obviously ready to party and pop bottles of vodka with his partner in crime Weezy aka Lil Wayne.  Claiming that he and Weezy “run this shit” and are in control of the party, he makes sure that his requests are filled.  However, he understands that Weezy is under heavy surveillance after his 2010 jail stint.  His probation prohibits him from drinking anything with alcohol for three years.  Drake, concerned for his tag team partner, does not want him back in jail.  That is not an option.  Therefore, the bottles that Lil Wayne will be poppin are Fiji Water.  Fiji Water, a much higher priced water when compared to popular competitors, is generally associated with higher status and quality.  The tag team of Drake and Lil Wayne, reuniting after Wayne’s time in jail, needs the best of the best.  For Drake, this is soda and vodka.  For Wayne, due to circumstances, this is natural artesian water.  Only the top brands for the team that runs shit.  

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