Kanye West “Gone”

Groupies say I’m too choosy/ Take ‘em to the show and talk all through the movies/ Says she want diamonds, I took her to Ruby Tuesdays/ If we up in Friday’s, I still have it my way

Kanye West explains the life of an entertainer.  He is constantly surrounded by groupies that want to try their luck with a celebrity and hopefully acquire all the desires they wish.  However, Kanye is very choosy in the type of women he wants.  If the woman can exceed Kanye’s high expectations, they can expect to be chosen and be allowed to accompany him.  However, Kanye still notices the woman’s behaviors, including talking throughout movies and requesting diamonds.  Kanye obliges to her request of diamonds by taking her to Ruby Tuesdays.  Not necessarily the same “jewelry” the groupie was requesting.  This pun helps Kanye’s lyrics by further emphasizing the idea that he, while still being nice to the groupie by taking her to a pretty good restaurant, is too choosy.  Not just anyone will get the diamonds.  It is Kanye’s decision.  It is his way.  Whether they are at TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, or the show.  

Nonetheless, congrats to Ruby Tuesdays for being selected by the very choosy Kanye.  

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