Joe Budden “Aftermath”

Honestly that crap of yours you should raffle off/ With me they getting Genius Bars without the Apple store/ Under the microscope I rebut’ the scrutiny/ If I’m to be compared, it’s only to who I used to be

A bar is basically a line in a song.  If you count four beats per measure, that is one bar (usually one line). In the lyrics above, I am analyzing four bars.  Joe Budden explains to the listener that his bars are truly the best when compared to others.  Bars from other rappers are crap, and they might as well raffle them off in attempts to gain attention/profit.  However, Joe Budden’s bars are genius, because of the intelligence in each line.  And, as a convenience to the listener, they do not have to go to the Apple Store to get this service (like most people when they need expertise on their products).  They only need to listen to Joe.  A clever pun detailing the witty bars Joe Budden provides, it emphasizes why Joe has better bars compared to other rappers’ crap.  It also emphasizes that he does not need to be compared to anyone but himself and how he is constantly improving.  

Considering Apple generally sells the same products but with annual upgrades and expansions, it is a clever metaphor to use in Joe’s description of his “genius” ability.  

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