Fabolous “Lullaby”

I been killing these hoes, these niggas just drop dead/ In the drop head, all we do is bop heads/ to the side, like Busta in the Pepsi ad/ With my Columbiana mama, yep she bad. 

Fabolous explains the lure he has when it comes to the females.  While other males drop dead at the sight of a gorgeous woman, Fabolous considers these women to be hoes that are the ones that actually drop dead due to murder, or Fab’s seduction.  Women who succumb to Fabolous and his advances are guaranteed to be passengers in his drop top convertible, where they will bop heads to the songs playing just like Busta Rhymes in the 2008 Superbowl commercial for Pepsi Max.  In Fabolous case, the woman that will be bopping her head will be of Columbian descent who is considered a threatening mate.  However, for Fabolous, this threatening persona of the Columbiana Mama is fitting for the man who confidently bops his head like he is on a beverage with ginseng and twice as much caffeine as regular Pepsi.  

If you aspire to “kill hoes” make sure you have the energy and confidence to do it. Pepsi Max may not be able to give you wings, but it sure can have you bopping your head.  

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