Childish Gambino “Eat Your Vegetables”

And who knew I’d be on Hulu with two dudes I used to Google/ I’m frugal with time, every girl’s a dime/ When your bank account’s mine

Childish Gambino is Donald Glover, who plays Troy Barnes on NBC’s “Community.”  Last year, he gained critical acclaim and a strong following of fans through his hip-hop career. He also has stand-up comedy experience and wrote for the Daily Show.  He has quite the career in various media outlets.  Not bad for a guy in his twenties.  It is the type of life that one probably cannot imagine as a child.  Ten years ago, Childish Gambino could have never imagined himself on Hulu acting on a prominent show with established actors that are relevant in search engines.  When it comes to being sucessful, he is frugal with time and knows it will all work out and he will aquire the bank account that will get all the “dimes”, no question.  

Hulu has been a growing medium for TV and movies.  Internet TV may even become the exclusive outlet for TV.  So being a part of this growing industry can only be so sweet for Mr. Glover.  

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