Kendrick Lamar “The Recipe”

You want to be one, to peak on the chart/ So the peons can be gone and pee on their hearts/ She in the coupe, she in the Neon/ Cause she on the BS before we can start/ Fuck with a nigga, ride with a nigga/ Let ‘em know the priority order me Hennessey

Kendrick Lamar is a Los Angeles native.  Promoting his city in “The Recipe”, Kendrick is not surprised that the women there want to riding with the star.  Avoiding “peons”, the woman wants to be with a star and good networking means that she can achieve this with time.  Kendrick displays this aura he has on women, and understands why people will want to be around him and his team.  The main priority after all this boasting is to order Hennessy.  The Henny is all that is needed to set the mood right and live it up in the fabulous sunshine state.  

Hennessy has always been a popular brand among rappers.  Since mid-nineties when 2Pac was rapping about, Henessey is a hip-hop staple.  Not bad to be associated with a culture that oftentimes promotes celebration, good times and just enjoying yourself.  

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