Juelz Santana – Back 2 The Crib

She lookin good in them new tall heels/ I’m lookin at her like a full course meal/ Chill! I got all the girls checkin me/ They know I’m a dog but they love my pedigree

Juelz Santana is quite the charmer.  He is making it known that he is looking at all the women that he meets.  The cravings he probably gets after seeing these women are similar to what a hungry person would do at the thought of a full course meal.  He admits it and makes it clear.  But chill! Realize that the ladies are doing the exact same thing.  They are checking him out as well.  They clrealy know that he is a dog when it comes to the women, but regardless they love his pedigree.  As a metaphor, pedigree refers to the dog food and also his distinguished, excellent, or pure ancestry.  Essentially, Juelz’s “swag” run in his genes.  The girls see this and love the pedigree. 

Dogs (arguably) love Pedigree food.  The women love Juelz’s Pedigree.  A dog like Juelz or the other canines in the world can’t complain or control it.  It’s just in them.  So chill!

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