Joe Budden – Family Reunion

They callin em kings when they so-so hot/ Somethings wrong wit that picture must be photoshopped

In hip-hop, many rappers refer to themselves as kings.  They have lyrics about their crowns and thrones, boasting about their leadership in hip-hop music.  However, unless rappers considered hip-hop as an aristocracy (which is difficult to imagine due to the huge egos of some rappers), there can only be one king.  Joe Budden is noticing these people that are referred to as kings, but he can’t agree with it. Their talent is only so-so, an attribute that cannot fit a king.  Therefore, there is something wrong with this picture envisioned by those calling them kings.  The picture is not authentic, similar to an image that undergoes Adobe Photoshop edits.  Joe Budden believes that picturing others as kings is only a Photoshopped image.

In my opinion, any company that becomes a verb (Google it, Photoshop it, Youtube it) is solidified as a game-changing company and cultural phenomenon.  Since many, many images are Photoshopped, it is fair to see why Joe Budden thinks that picturing other rappers (besides himself) as a king is only a Photoshopped image and not the original.  

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