Raekwon – Incarcerated Scarfaces

Sit back, cooling like Kahlua on rocks/ On the crack spots, rubberband wrapped on my knots/ You bitches who fuck dreads on Sudafeds/ Pussy’s hurting, they did it for a yard for the Feds/ Word up cousin, nigga, I seen it/ Like a 27-inch Zenith… believe it!

Raekwon was one of the most grittiest rappers during the mafioso rap era of the mid 90s.  His vivid portrayals of life in the inner cities was full of vulgar, violent images.  In these lyrics, he speaks on the women in the area who have sex with Rastafarians (or Dreads) on Sudafed.  He also mentions the large amount of money he earns from sitting on the corner, chilled out (like a Kahlua drink) and selling drugs.  Rae has seen it all throughout the life.  And he now can record it over Rza beats and share you the details  Like the Zenith Electronics slogan back in the nineties, “you have got to see it to believe it.”  

Slogans are very important and often times a critical component to brands.  A memorable slogan goes a long way, and people like Raekwon will remember it.  It also helps if the slogan relates to our lives.  Because there are many moments where you need to really be there or see it to actually believe it happens.  

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