2Pac – Better Dayz

Tryin to keep my head up and stay strong/ All my homies slangin yeyo all day long, but they wrong/ So I’m solo and so broke/ Savin up for some Jordan’s, cause they dope

2Pac, legendary rapper that has recently been all over the news, has had his share of struggles.  If you listen to his music, you will understand the many pains and conflicts he dealt with in his life.  Family issues, neighborhood violence and constant struggle with right/wrong made 2Pac quite a prolific artist.  Even with all this, he continued to try to keep his head strong and be resilient, even though many of his peers have resorted to selling cocaine/crack (yayo).  2Pac knows this is wrong, but in a world where there isn’t much opportunity, you need to make money somehow.  2Pac is alone and broke and understands this.  In order to enjoy the pleasures of life, including Air Jordans, sometimes you need to do certain things to achieve it.  

Air Jordans continue to be a massively popular product for urban youth, often generating much controversy when released in stores.  Still, any product that is a must have for people shouldn’t have any problem making profit.  It does make me wonder if the company is aware that some people will do ANYTHING for their products, and whether this is always a good thing…

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