Jay-Z – Pray

Treat shame with shamelessness/ Aim stainless at anuses/ You know what game this is?/ Move coke like Pepsi, don’t matter what the brand name is

Jay-Z provided (in my opinion) one of the greatest movie “soundtracks” ever with “American Gangster.”  As a tie in to the Denzel Washington movie of the same name, Jay-Z details the life and sins of a successful drug dealer.  It is hard to say whether drug dealers deal with inner demons or understand the harm they are causing to citizens.  in the lyrics above, Jay gives an idea on how drug dealers can cope with the conflicting dilemmas they face.  Esentially, treat shame with shamelessness.  Don’t worry about being ashamed.  Just continue to do your job, point your stainless handgun literally at other anuses if you are dealing with an issue, and, most importantly, move your product.  Whether it is pure or less potent than your competitor’s drug, still move it.  Because whether it is “Coke” or Pepsi, you need to sell the product and a lot of it.  Brand name doesn’t matter.

If only all companies could say that brand names don’t matter. Unfortunately they usually do in non-drug dealing occupations.  Hell they even do for many drug dealers, especially Frank Lucas (as seen in his famous brand and marketing lesson to Nicky Barnes).  Still, you gotta respect Jay-Z’s infamous tacit business expertise and selling products no matter what.  After all, he is a hustler that can sell “water to a well.”

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