Eminem – Forgot About Dre

Wanna resolve things in a bloodier way?/ Then just study a tape of NWA/ One day I was walking by, with a walkman on, when I caught a guy/ Give me an awkward eye/ And strangled him off in the parking lot, with his Karl Kani

There is karate.  There is jujitsu.  There is boxing, MMA, martial arts, etc.  And then there is Eminem.  When it comes to self defense, you want to stay on your guard.  In a split second, your life could be threatened.  Eminem, with NWA as mentors, learned how to resolve conflicts in a bloody way.  He describes walking around with a walkman on (probably listening to NWA?) and spotting another person walking around.  Whether the awkward eye given was a sign of threat or not, Eminem stil has to do something.  In this case, it is to strangle him to death with his Karl Kani clothing.  I would assume the person was wearing a Karl Kani sweater and was strangled with the hooded laces.  Either that or Eminem took of the perpetrators shirt and strangled him with that.  

Maybe the people at Karl Kani don’t like to be associated as a weapon of choice for Slim Shady, but to be referenced in one of the most classic rap records should definitely give them some traffic and attention.  

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