Big Stat – Let The War Start

Don’t you know I’m loco? Connected?/ Oh no, sipping on some So-Co. Forget it/ Hitting with your low blows, you know you gon’ get it/ So go, take a shot, I’m photogenic

Big Stat is an up-and-comer that has been making a lot of noise with his “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” mixtape.  He is getting a great circle of fans and support from Method Man and Redman.  So he is obviously connected with the right people.  So don’t take him for granted or try to start something with him.  He is loco and connected and sipping on some Southern Comfort.  All these attributes will essentially lead to a rapper that is not afraid to get the “war started.”  So any competitor that is trying to come at him with low blow, go for it.  He is photogenic and he can take those shots.  So if he can take So-Co shots and shots from the haters, expect retaliation from the guy. 

Southern Comfort comes straight from the great city of New Orleans, where drinking is a celebrated and infamous act.  A little bit of Nawlin’s in all of us, whether it is a hip-hop blogger or a fresh new rapper from Connecticut, can surely get us all feeling great and confident.

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