Joe Budden – Going Through the Motions

I’m just going through the motions, born alone die alone/ The result of playing angry birds on the side phone/ Buying some shots with some vicodin popped/ and have you tell old girl you love her when you just like her a lot

If you listen to Joe Budden, you will know that he goes through quite a lot of drama in his life.  His music is very honest and insightful, even when the details are sometimes upsetting.  There are many causes for this, but at the end of the day Joe is just going through the motions that we all go through.  One cause could be playing the “angry birds” on his phone, telling them he loves her when he really likes them a lot.  And no, he isn’t talking about Rovio’s insanely popular game.  He is talking about the birds, or women that he courts in his life.  Clearly not in love with the women, he is just texting or calling them on his side phone and thus playing them as fools. 

Angry Birds went from a $1 game on smartphone to a worldwide trend with toys, hats and sequels.  Most people either bought the app or played the demo.  Thus, the majority of people with phones can relate to Joe Budden.  Most of us have played “angry birds.” 

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