Royce Da 5’9″ – My Life

Now jets fly, high shit/That Panamera Porsche, that’s Ryan’s fly whip/ As a kid I was poor, playing tag, now I’m it!

Ryan (Royce’s real name) has been in the game for over a decade.  Starting out from Detroit with a good friend known as Marshall Mathers, Royce was consistently putting out music.  Though he was subjected to the underground scene, he still had a great following and respect.  With time and patience, Royce is now a part of one of the coolest and authentic rap groups out right now, Slaughterhouse.  From the Grammys, the top ten of Billboard Hot 100 and rapping at award shows, the guy is finally earning the recognition he deserves.  And with that comes the status symbols.  Flying in jets, high as shit.  And driving in a fly full size luxury car, the Panerama Porsche.  Back in the day he played tag with low income.  And now he is the it guy with Slaughterhouse and Shady.  

The Panerama Porsche had about 6000 sales as of 2011 in the US.  Only a select few are driving this luxury car.  So if you see one, it could potentially be the it guy that is driving that fly whip.  

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