Lil Wayne – Swag Surfin

Red bone do me good, then her friend or sista/ I mean her bitch, she never met her best friend or sister/ I leave that pussy Microsoft like Windows Vista

A red bone, an African-American woman that is light skin, is doing Weezy good.  Weezy is liking it as well.  He likes it so much and he is interested in her friend as well.  But Weezy realizes that the friend might be a sister.  Then he realizes again that this is only “her bitch” or someone she hangs with.  This red bone never met her sister or best friend, which probably means she doesn’t have too many close acquaintances.  Either way it don’t matter though because Wayne is going to enjoy the sex with the women.  At the end of the day, Wayne will leave her vagina in a state where it will be micro-soft.  It will be micro-soft to the point it will be like Windows Vista.

Not sure why Billy Gates called his company Microsoft, considering the massive amounts of money they have earned in the past few years.  However, when it comes to redbones and their pussies, believe it will be micro-soft after Wayne is through with it. 

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