Nas – Ghetto Dreams

She can join me, red carpet at my next non-profit/ Event having sponsored by some alcohol product/ Jumping out a Bentley with some fresh red bottoms/ You live your dream with me when you was just in the projects

Everyone has a dream.  If you don’t, think of one!  Without dreams, aspirations and motivations are half of what they potentially can be.  Nas is sharing with you his “ghetto dreams.”  Whether they are ghetto, childish, surreal, or delusion, everyone needs to dream.  Nas is sharing his dream of having a great women by his side from the projects that can also hold him down at fancy award shows and events.  Thus, Nas is sharing his dream that will also satisfy and fulfill the dreams of the women he  is with.  Once Nas is living his dream, the girl can live hers as well by going to these award shows and getting out of a Bentley with Christian Louboutins on.  Famously referred to as “Red Bottoms”, the designer luxury shoes are pretty popular footwear for celebrities or rich people.  Once the women hops out the car with the red bottoms on, she will know that she is living the dream and has escaped the projects, the origins of her “Ghetto Dreams.”

Another example of Nas describing a product without actually mentioning the name.  All is takes is the description and you already should know what it is.  So fellas, if you see a gal with high heels on with a red colored bottom, know that this women is probably living large or with someone who is.  It’s all a part of the dream.

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