B.o.B. – Play For Keeps

So put it in the air if you entirely concur/ She call me hippie cause I live without any concern/ Up on this green earth, I’m on them green herbs/ Yeah yeah, yeah, I stay in them trees like the Keeblers

When B.o.B. says “put it in the air” he means to put the green in the air (and if you don’t have any on you, then putting your hands in the air will suffice).  B.o.B. is living his life however he wants.  He doesn’t have rules or he doesn’t feel trapped by concern.  He got his wish after seeing airplanes (pun intended) and he is living the life he dreamed.  Why be bothered or concerned with anything.  So only thing to do is to live life happy on this green earth and consume those green herbs.  And the Keebler elves are infamous for living wonderful lives in trees.  

Keebler has created a legendary and highly memorable character with their elves.  Cute, sweet and very passionate about their product, they are great characters to represent the Keebler company.  Though they represent different trees than what B.o.B. is talking about, both serve the same purpose.  Trees that help escape worries and concerns.  

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