Jadakiss – By The Bar

All daytona she want me to bone her/ Damn all I bought her was a shot and a corona

Coronas are one of the most popular beers out in the market.  There are many bars throughout the country that offer a bottle of Corona and a shot of liquor for a special price.  It is great for the person who likes both hard liquor and beer.  For some, beer is the drink of choice because of the low alcohol content and tolerable taste.  However, some would prefer the hard stuff and taking shots, especially if they want to get drunk and let loose.  As described in the lyrics, Jadakiss is at a huge advantage.  All it took for him to get the woman “loose” was just one bottle of Corona and one shot.  It makes it seem that woman knew all along that she wanted Jada.  Liquor wasn’t needed in the decision making.

Coronas have achieved wild success with their beach-related advertising and unique taste.  It tastes good (for most) and also doesn’t get you too wasted after one drink.  However, if you are with someone of the opposite sex, and you know you want them, sometimes all it takes is one beer by the bar.  Oh and by the way, this is the second beverage I found Jadakiss shouting out.  He sure loves to drink.  

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