Busta Rhymes – Why We Die

I must be cuckoo, like I respect the new-you, never/ See you too could get it through your FUBU sweater/ like a nigga when he walk in the dark, trespassing/ on a nigga land, shots echo loud in the park

FUBU, and other hip-hop influenced designer brands, were gaining much popularity during the nineties.  In 1999 (when this song was released) clothing lines sucj as RocaWare and Sean John were born, which to this day continue to make millions in revenue.  FUBU (which stand for “For Us By Us”) was a highly popular brand that represented the rawness and ostentatious culture that hip-hop was.  When used in these lyrics, Busta Rhymes is saying how nobody is different when walking in a dark alley.  No matter what brand you are wearing, some neighborhoods don’t care about the status.  In fact, they could even be envious.  Regardless, do not trespass in a neighborhood you don’t belong in.  Nothing will keep you safe.

Some clothing brands have such a flair attached to them, sometimes violence does erupt when it comes to attaining it.  In “Why We Die”, Busta Rhymes is letting it known that some areas and places are just dangerous.  You need to be careful, as there are many people living there with nothing to lose.  

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