Jay-Z – What More Can I Say

Young, Hova the God, nigga. Blasphemy/ I’m at the Trump International: ask for me/ I ain’t never scared. I’m everywhere, you ain’t never there

Jay-Z, ready to declare his “retirement”, asks everyone “What More Can I Say.”  After multiple platinum albums, having a minority stake in the now Brooklyn Nets, and impacting rap and pop culture like no other, he really has nothing else to say to prove his worth to people.  Pound for pound he is the best.  And if anyone disagrees, they can definitely come to Jay-Z and ask for him.  However, they will need to go visit him at the Trump International.  The Trump International is not an ordinary hotel.  It’s where the big dogs roll.  Just visiting him at the Trump is not enough to know that he has done it all.  He is the God MC and blasphemous for his brash delivery.  But if there are still critics, all they need to realize is that he is everywhere that they have never been. 

Donald Trump has managed to market himself through real estate, TV, movies, and even politics.  His name is synonymous with wealth, money and status.  He has truly transformed his name into a brand.  And this brand is enough to show status and success.  Especially for Jay-Z, who ends up coming back from retirement and turning his personal brand into something out of this world and unimaginable.  Looks like Jay-Z did in fact have more to say after releasing “The Black Album.”

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