The Game – Hate It Or Love It

I ain’t have 50 Cent when my Grandmomma died/ Now i’m goin back to Cali with my Jacob on/ See how time fly?

The Game expresses his gratitude for former label mate with 50 Cent, who signed him to G-Unit Records back in their prime in 2003.  For The Game, being associated with one of the top acts of that time was monumental.  It meant a lot.  What once was a life where his friend was murdered for Barkley sneakers and when his grandmother died before seeing The Game’s success is now a life of fame and success.  He went from living in Cali to now traveling all over, wearing a luxurious Jacob watch that can only be purchased from Jacob the Jeweler in New York City. Therefore, “time” is flying, literally.  

The Game continues to enjoy his global success and perhaps has a lot more watches at his disposal.  However, that Jacob watch was perhaps the first of many.  A must have for any successful rapper.  

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