Cam’Ron – I Just Wanna

Want a girl who don’t need prada/ She could be a damn reeboker/ [As] long as she freak proper

Cam is letting you know what he wants in life.  In this song, he mentions desires such as the coke prices going down and getting a blow job from Miss Patti Labelle.  Anothing thing is he wants a woman with simple pleasures.  Not one of those “bougie” chicks that needs the high end fashions in order to show her value to the world.  For Cam, brand names on a girl don’t matter.  Even if they wear the less luxurious Reebok brand, it is all good as long as she is a proper freak in the bed.  Looks like the rich and famouse Patti Labelle may not be that needed after all.  

Cam’Ron not having a problem with the brand names on a girl shows a more humble nature to his personality.  It also shows his affections towards the “freak” inside all women.  His views on Reebok are quite contrasting to Jay-Z’s, his former colleague and now long time rival.   

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