Young Jeezy – Supafreak

Everytime you see me on grind: stay on that working shit/ All I ever want’s a bad bitch in a Chanel bag/ Street niggas want her cause they know she got Chanel swag

Young Jeezy stay on that working shit, grinding it out to keep succeeding and getting superfreaks.  Working could also mean that he is still selling cocaine, something that he has always mentioned in his career.  Either way, Jeezy works his ass off and in return all he wants is a woman that has a Chanel bag.  Everyone, especially people living a “street life”, want this woman because she wears luxurious and fancy fashion like Chanel.  The woman must be doing something right if she is walking around with these kind of ornaments.  

Hand bags and purses are a very popular fashion statement for women everywhere.  Different sizes and brands show the style the woman has.  Chanel bags have quite the appeal to men, and it is only hoped that at the end of the day the woman is a superfreak that got that “wet-wet.

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