Will Smith – Men In Black

The title held by me – M.I.B./ Means what you think you saw, you did not see/ So don’t blink be what was there/ Is now gone, black suit with the black Ray Ban’s on/ Walk in shadow, move in silence/ Guard against extra-terrestrial violence

When the first Men In Black was released in 1997, Will Smith showed the world he had what it takes to save the planet from aliens.  He rescued us after an intense showdown at Flushing Meadows Park, doing it with such finesse and style.  And this style is attributed to the strict MIB dress code.  Black Suit, black shoes, black tie and most importantly the black Predator 2 Ray Bans.  Without the Ray Bans on, Will Smith would quickly forget everything after shooting a neuroalyzer on civilians who witness alien activity.  While what you “think you saw but did not see”, Will knows and remembers everything thanks to his Ray Bans.

The Men In Black single and soundtrack was highly successful due to Will Smith’s rapidly rising popularity in the nineties.  With the Ray Ban product placement in the movie and single, Ray Ban sales tripled.  And if the dress code is the same in Men In Black 3, we can only expect more finesse and style from Big Willie as he saves us once again.  

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