Joe Budden – Money, Power, Respect Freestyle

Now niggas say they in the hood like Mister Softee/ They in the hood getting treated like Mr. Softie/ “I clap the four-fifth”, if you believe that/ then you believe Rick James died of natural causes

Mister Softee is a highly popular ice cream truck franchise.  Operating 600 trucks in over 15 states, they are selling treats to many people on many streets, even in the lower income neighborhoods that many rappers refer to as “the hood.”  Joe Budden, known for his competitive nature, compares people in the hood to these ice cream trucks.  However, when used as a metaphor, Joe Budden refers to these so called thugs rappers as soft, just like the treats that Mister Softee sells.  So if you hear and believe these Mr. Softies when they rap about shooting four-fifths or any other gun, then you are probably gullible enough to believe Rick James died of natural causes.  

Mister Softee manages to cover many areas, especially during the summer where everyone is outside and sweating form the hot sun.  Unfortunately for hardcore rap fans like myself and Joe Budden, Mr. Softees also are all over the radio and clubs with their fabricated lyrics and stories.  

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