Fat Joe – Another Round (remix)

Lord, Emilio Pucci leggings for good behavior/ I wanna tear them shits off you like Hulkamania/ Then dive up in the pussy, Superfly Snuka/ Have you coming back to back, more sex to cook up

Fat Joe finds it very attractive when a woman is wearing Emilio Pucci leggings.  These leggings are very expensive and definitely a luxury product.  In the same category as “Red-Bottoms”, Emilio Pucci leggings will make any woman look highly sophisticated, fancy and fashionable.  Fat Joe, not caring about the high price and value of the leggings, just wants to see her legs without them.  He even threatens to tear them off like Hulk Hogan did when he would rip off his shirt before wrestling matches. And once the expensive leggings are torn off, he wants to jump into her vagina just like wrestler Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka did in Madison Square Garden, when he did a famous Superfly Splash on Magnificent Muraco off a steel cage.  After performing his “finisher”, Fat Joe is sure that the woman will come back for more (perhaps after purchasing new leggings).  

Woman have also worn leggings out in public, especially when wearing skirts or during spring weather.  Some go for the cheaper alternatives, which are probably less than $10.  But others, especially those that hang around Joey Crack, will spend about $500.  

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