Lil Kim – Queen Bitch

Sippin Zinfandel, up in Chippendales/ Shop in Bloomingdales for Prada bags/ Female Don Dada hats no problems spittin cream with my team/ Shit’s straight like nine fifteen, y’nahmean?

Lil Kim is the Queen Bitch.  Running with her Junior Mafia crew back in the day, she was the top female rapper out.  The status she had was everywhere.  She was sipping good wine while being the center of attention while watching Chippendales, a exotic male dance crew.  Getting her Prada Bags at Bloomingdales and perhaps her “Don Dada” hats too (which are probably mafioso style Italian hats), money is not an issue.  She can get the best drinks and products from the best stores.  It’s not a problem.  It’s all straight (which is common slang for alright).  It’s so straight like when it’s 9:15 on a traditional clock. 

Prada is quite the popular brand with females.  Bags, a symbol of luxury and also quite the out-of-home advertisement, gives a woman like Lil Kim status.  Especially while she is hanging out with male strippers.  

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