Fabolous – The Way (Intro)

Money talks, if you speak Guap-anese/ A language better known if you gettin cheddar holmes/ If not get a loan, use that like Rosetta Stone/ And that way you can holla ‘bout a dollar

If you ever heard the phrase “money talks”, you know that having a fat bank account will help you be heard.  Money talks, and the language is guapanese.  Fabolous is fluent in this language, according to his song lyrics.  Guap (as well as cheddar) is slang for money.  So if Fab is fluent in guapanese, that means that his money is talking loudly and he is getting cheddar.  For everyone out there that is unfamiliar with guapanese and does not have “money that talks”, then perhaps you need to invest more.  Get a loan (which many do when they don’t have the proper funds), and use that money like Rosetta Stone, something that can help you better yourself and learn the language.  

When you invest in Rosetta Stone, you are one step closer to learning a language. In the case of guapanese, you will be that much closer to hollering about a dollar with Fabolous.  And no…Google Translate cannot help.  

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