Nas – You Wouldn’t Understand

Speaking for my real niggas, only OGs/ Certified who kill niggas when put in that seat/ But tonight we on chill, nigga/ chill mode, spill more Spades/ listen to Jeezy and Hov, some Rozay

Nas is a rapper that has gone through many transitions and events in his career.  For example, there was that infamous moment with Jay-Z, where rap fans had to side with one or the other.  And there is no denying that the battle with Jay-Z was one standout highlight in Nas’s career.  But times have changed and artists grow.  Jay-Z and Nas are two of the most brilliant artists in hip-hop and their impact will forever be remembered.  So forget about rivalries and feuds and celebrate the good life with Ace of Spades, the liquor that Jay-Z (rival turned friend) owns and promotes.  

Ether is cool.  It gets people talking and it generates a lot of conversation.  But at the end of the day, let’s avoid ether.  Instead, get bent with Ace of Spades, put aside differences and listen to some Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Jay-Z.

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