Talib Kweli – Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 (Deliver Us)

There ain’t no love and no respect/ It’s like a gang, it’s like a club or a set/ Hip-Hop’s the new WWF/ What do you rap or do you wrestle? Niggaz love to forget!

Rap music is filled with drama and speculation among the artists in the genre.  Some call it feuds while others call it beef.  Talib is calling out the current status of hip-hop music, where artists are quick to disrespect one another as a way to elevate their own status in the highly competitive field.  Talib compares the rap world with the WWF, a show where people are acting out feuds and fights to set up a spectacle for the fans.  Talib feels that rappers are pretending to be in fueds or prefer to have the hip-hop world similar to the WWF, where rivalries sell more tickets/records.

It’s unfortunate that rap music is compared to a TV show with fake storylines and planned out disputes.  I wonder if it makes people question the authenticity of some of these artists?

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