One Sun – Summer Girl

I met her at the store first, Levi’s with the Converse/ Got my style and she got curves/ Got a million dollar smile, got her number on my dial/ She said to call her when she off work

Levi’s Jeans have been a staple of fashion since 1853.  The first blue jeans continue to experience success and popularity, especially with young adults.  Levi’s (and a nice pair of Converse) are more than enough to fit One Sun’s style.  And it gets even better when his summer girl is rocking a similar style.  Seeing her in the store with the Levi’s showing all the curves, One Sun has to get her number.  From there, it’s smooth sailing and fun times after she gets off work.  Levi’s Jeans, which were first sold to California gold miners and mostly for working class people of Western America, are perfect for the hard working summer girl and the aspiring rapper who is always on the grind. 

Similarities can definitely influence attraction.  And with all the fun that summer brings, it’s only right that One Sun and his style savvy Summer Girl are enjoying a nice day in the big city, rocking the classic blue jeans.

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