Malice – Mr. Me Too

We cloud hoppers, tailored suits like we mobsters/ Break down keys into dimes and sell them like gobstoppers

Pusha and Malice of Clipse are notorious for their vivid drug references in most of their music.  Never shy to tell it exactly how it is, Malice is letting the listener know that they lived the life of crime and provide very specific details for all.  In these lyrics, he explains that they are professionals like the stereotypical mobster who wears tailored suits.  All they have to do is break down the drug product into small dime bags.  Then, the sale is as seamless as selling candy to kids, hence the Gobstopper reference.  It also helps that dime bags resemble little Gobstoppers.  

Everyone, drugs are bad for you.  But that won’t stop Clipse from selling it to anyone who is interested.  Whatever it takes to make a living and live that dream.  

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