Rick Ross – Super High

Rare bottles by the barrel/ Pop the Giuseppe tags like it’s American Apparel

Rick Ross will never be ashamed about his wealth and status.  Rick Ross is living the dream with his rare (and most likely expensive) bottles of liquor and luxury fashion.  Price is of no concern to him.  So while the “average” American is looking to save money while shopping for more affordable clothing such as American Apparel, Rick Ross is rubbing shoulders with his woman of choice and getting her luxury Giuseppe Bags.  And these Giuseppe Bags are for Rick Ross what American Apparel is to us “regular people”, which is why he rips the tag off like it’s American Apparel.  

So the next time you want to live large and spend money freely, be sure to rip off the tags of your Air Yeezy’s but pretend as if they are shoes from Payless.  The women will dig that.  

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