Lupe Fiasco – Form Follow Function

But it’s no purple in the circle then there ain’t no rolling b’s/ Just spoken words, thought provoking reeds/ Hydro, I’m still strolling on the seeds/ Aloe, like the lotion from the leaves/ And to achieve it took a lot of token like Chuck E. Cheese/ All without touching weed

Lupe has a natural high.  He doesn’t need the ganja like most in the rap industry.  But, with the way he delivers his metaphor, his high is acquired through spitting great raps.  His flow is like “hydro” (water), strolling on the seeds, and “token” (toking) like the tokens you get from Chuck E Cheese. 

With his entendres, Lupe can turn a Chuck E Cheese reference into a weed reference, which is actually a reference to his constant practice of rapping and getting better.  Triple entendre, don’t even ask him how.

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