Jay Z – What More Can I Say



And I don’t wear jerseys, I’m 30-plus/ Give me a crisp pair of jeans, nigga, button up/ S. Dots on my feet make my cipher complete/ What more can I say? Guru, play the beat!

Not only can rappers use hip-hop lyrics to set trends by specifically mentioning brands, but even mentioning a certain type of style can lead to a new sense of fashion for the masses.  When Jay stated something about button ups, it changed everything.  NBA jerseys, which were very popular in the early nineties, immediately lost it’s flair.  No one besides huge sports fans were wearing jerseys  anymore.  It was no longer a fashion choice for the non-athlete.  And when Jay mentioned his own footwear, a tennis shoe that he released for the non-athlete, it only made the fashion trends even more casual.  For the hip-hop culture, clothes started to get more fit and more proper.

Button ups were huge in 2004 and started the end of the baggy clothes era.  Though the S. Dots eventually tanked in popularity after a huge start, it made people feel more willing to wear non-basketball shoes.  It made me people focus more on sophistication and style.

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