Fabolous – Breathe


Only way you catch an F/ To the A-B, it’s in the May-B, rolling with my baby/ Gripping on a toy that you won’t find at KB

Fab is too illustrious and famous to be caught in the streets.  But in those rare occasions you do see him, you’ll most likely spot him cruising in the Maybach while gripping on a toy.   Don’t confuse this toy with something that toddlers are going to run into KB Toys for.  This isn’t Tickle Me Elmo or Legos.  This toy is something you need to get from your local gun dealer or a 3D printer.  That is because Fabulous is talking about a gun.  Even with his fame and Maybach, Fab is compelled to carry a weapon with him in case people are out to steal his baby.

Since KB Toys is now out of business, we shouldn’t expect anyone to run off to the store and look for this toy that Fab is speaking off.  The oblivious ones that don’t understand rap lyrics can go to Toys R Us.

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