Jay Z – U Don’t Know (rmx)


Mo’ fire, more Roc-a-wear attire/ Mo’ money, mo’ murder now that M.O.P.’s hired/ Mo’ further for the Roc Empire

Around 2002 (at the time of this song’s release), Roc-A-Wear was one of the most lucrative clothing lines  for young people.  What originally was targeted to urban youth eventually transcended to the masses thanks to countless rap references, product placement in music videos and successful media placements in the right television networks and magazines.  Jay around this time was in the process of building a global empire, and Roc-A-Wear was one of his first business ventures.  Though he severed ties with former partner Dame Dash, the Roc Empire he referred to wasn’t Roc-A-Fella affiliated, but rather Roc Nation.

Today, Jay Z has his hands on various business ventures.  But it all started  with the iconic Roc-A-Wear.

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