Diddy – New Bugatti



The whole city screaming where that boy Diddy at/ Blue Yankee fitted, boy I brought the city back/ I’m a Harlem nigga, I’m a Ciroc boy/ Fuck a penthouse, I bought the block boy

Diddy is the “brand ambassador” of Ciroc, owning  50% shares of the profits.  This led to heavy marketing of the liquor in the past six years, where Circoc was featured in almost every rap video and rap related media that was released.  Hence why Diddy is a Ciroc Boy.  However, he is not the only Ciroc Boy out.  People such as Rick Ross, French Montana, and Funkmaster Flex have publicly supported the brand through endorsements and rap references.

Diddy completely rebranding Ciroc has helped sales go from 40,000 cases (2007) to 2.1 million (2012).  The influential hip-hop style of Diddy and his Ciroc Boys led to huge profits and a highly recognizes liquor brand throughout the club scene.  Take that, take that.

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